Freelance Web Development in Malta


Trial version available of Stock control available

Today I have created a trial version of my Stock control application. Please follow this link so that you would be able to view all the available features which this application makes available. I’m sure you will find loads of features which can help you out in the day to day running of your business.

Please contact me if you are interested in this application.

By launched

So today I have launched a free event ticketing website on which lets you create and manage your own events. In particular this system lets you

  1. Create events
  2. Create event plans and associate them with any event
  3. Lets you create different ticket types
  4. Associate ticket type with any event plan section
  5. Specify different prices on different ticket types
  6. Different reports to see the amount of tickets which have been sold for your event
  7. Printing tickets for your event
  8. Scanning tickets at venue using any Android phone


New Website Launched

Today I have launched my personal website showcasing the main websites which I have developed. I hope you will find this website useful. I will also be creating some interesting blogs for you to follow mainly concentrating on software development.