Freelance Web Development in Malta


The following is a list of successful projects undertaken and delivered by MarkAFarrugia

Enterprise Stock
EnterpriseStock is an enterprise stock control web application which mainly lets you perform the underneath tasks

  1. Creating Invoices/Quotes/Delivery Notes/Credit Notes/Supplier Invoices/Supplier Quotes/Supplier Delivery Notes
  2. Pay Invoices
  3. Print invoices as PDF
  4. Creating Customers
  5. Viewing Customer Activity
  6. Specifying delivery days for customers
  7. Exporting customers
  8. Importing customers from text files
  9. Associating customers to different price types
  10. Creating Products
  11. Monitoring product activity
  12. Specifying product price exceptions
  13. Creating bank accounts
  14. Monitoring bank account activity
  15. Depositing/Withdrawing to/from bank account
  16. Stock taking

A myriad of different reports to monitor several areas of your business.

This website can be easily integrated with an external website where your customers can buy products from your own online store. All transactions are then made visible in your administration console.

Office Point Malta
OfficePointMalta specializes in selling stationery to several customers around Malta.

J Zammit Marketing
J Zammit Marketing is an importer and distributor for Agrisense, Bando, DeRoma, Claber, Euro3plast, Epoca, Elho, Gardman, Kapiteyn, Handy, Hortus sementi, Tecarflor, Imbiflor, Maistrello, P.B.I., Bayer Garden, Polyfilm, Silver & Baryte, Straight, Tolsa, Tercomposti, H.W. Turk, Ubbink, Vebi.

AddressHomes is a Maltese real estate company selling properties around Malta.

Project Management
This project management software enables your company to keep track of the projects undertaken by your company. This will mainly help you track profits made on each project. Mainly this software allows you to

  1. Create new projects
  2. Associate quotes/bills with projects
  3. Print profits for each specific project
  4. Import expenses from a text file
  5. Import quote/bill items from a text file
  6. Create suppliers and customers
  7. Create employee timesheets


ShowsHappening is a free event ticketing website which lets you easily manage, plan and create your own event. We are confident that you will find this website easy to use and in no time you will be creating you own event plans.Customers can then buy and print their tickets online